This year’s popular maternity dress is elegant and comfortable

The pregnant mother began to show up after 4 months of pregnancy. The belly is getting bigger every day, and the fetus can enter the rapid growth period. At this time, wearing a comfortable maternity dress is not only convenient but also has great benefits for the development of the fetus. And now some maternal and child stores have good quality and quality of maternity clothes, but the styles are not flattering. So how to choose maternity clothes? Let’s take a look.

maternity dress

First, loose maternity dress

maternity dress

The first is the trousers: After 4 months, the belly is getting bigger and bigger. The trousers obviously can’t be worn, only the maternity dress can be changed. Tight pants will affect the development of the fetus. The dress is a very loose version and will not have a particularly noticeable pregnancy. Even if you rarely wear pink or this gentle young woman’s style, you will feel very gentle. The material is chiffon, suitable for wearing in air-conditioned rooms in spring and summer.

Second, breastfeeding dress

maternity dress

Next is the top: wide loose loose top is the first, wearing the most important comfort, the bust becomes bigger so that a lot of tight clothes can not be worn, can also wear breastfeeding equipment, so save money and save money later . The color is very fresh, and there is a refreshing sense of fruit. This dress has a button on the front and can also be used as a breastfeeding device after childbirth.

Third, comfortable pregnant women shoes

 comfortable pregnant women shoes

Finally, the shoes, the expectant mother is getting bigger and bigger at this time, the movement is not convenient, it is best to choose a comfortable pedal when wearing shoes. During pregnancy, all kinds of discomfort, various edema, and some changes in the feet, how can there be no pair of soft and light peas shoes? Scrub leather breathable and comfortable This shoe adds a cute feeling~ When it comes to the versatile style, the soft sole is light and easy to wear on the feet~